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The Ultimate Guide for Newcomers

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As a newcomer entrepreneur, navigating the complex business landscape in a new country can be challenging. However, with the help of LatAm Startups, you can overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of your startup. This article explores what LatAm Startups is, what support they provide, and how you can benefit from their programs.

What is LatAm Startups?

LatAm Startups is an accelerator program based in Toronto, Canada, working exclusively with international tech startups and newcomer entrepreneurs. They provide support to companies from all over the world and have grown organically to markets in India, the Middle East, and beyond. In addition, they are a designated institution by the Government of Canada for the Startup Visa program, a crucial path for immigrant entrepreneurs to enter Canada and become permanent residents.

What support does LatAm Startups provide?

LatAm Startups offers several programs to help startups scale and succeed in their respective markets. Their core program is the Startup Visa program, which supports startups looking to enter Canada through the Startup Visa route. They also have a Corporate Program similar to the Startup Visa but without the immigration component.

The Newcomer Entrepreneur Accelerator Program (NEO Program) is designed specifically for companies headquartered in Canada with at least 50% ownership by a newcomer. This program provides six months of support to accelerate the growth of the business. Companies with less than 500 employees with market traction and innovative intellectual property (IP) are encouraged to apply.

LatAm Startups also offers a Build a Scaleup Program for companies in the ideation phase, bootcamps throughout the year in partnership with regions across Ontario, and Acceleration Plus, a program with their partners at Tech Place, Innovation Factory and Haltech. These programs provide support through business coaching, marketing, finance, and product strategy.

What can you expect from LatAm Startups?

When you join LatAm Startups, you will have access to a diagnostic at the beginning of the program. This diagnostic helps to identify the key milestones to achieve during the six-month program and beyond. In addition, you will be matched with up to four business coaches in sales, marketing, finance, and product strategy areas. An industry expert will also be assigned to help with industry-specific challenges. In addition, you will receive support in preparing sales and investment pitches and access to funding opportunities.

LatAm Startups provides general training sessions and meets with companies regularly to assess their progress and make any necessary adjustments to their strategy. They also offer fractional support for companies that require additional help with C-level positions like CMO, CFO, or CTO. This support is provided at no cost to the company and is covered by the support received from the government.

How successful are LatAm Startups?

LatAm Startups has an impressive track record of success, having helped over 200 startups, with over 60 companies in the acceleration process. They have a diverse portfolio, with over 30% of their co-founders being women. LatAm Startups has over 40 advisors that work with them, providing business mentoring, industry expertise, and coaching. They are very active on social media and have followers from all over the world.

LatAm Startups has expanded organically from LatAm to other parts of the world, and they have two unicorns in their portfolio, companies that have gone over $1 billion in valuation. One of these unicorns is from Uruguay, while the other has a presence in Brazil and focuses on blockchain and web3.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Startup with LatAm Startups

In conclusion, LatAm Startups is a valuable resource for newcomer entrepreneurs looking to unlock the full potential of their startups. With their various programs and support, they offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by newcomer entrepreneurs. Their impressive track record of success, diverse portfolio, and experienced team of advisors make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to scale their business. Whether you are in the ideation phase or already have traction in your market, LatAm Startups has something to offer