How to Write Emails that Sell

Tips from Growclass Founder Sarah Stockdale

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If you're looking to improve your email marketing skills, Sarah Stockdale, the founder and CEO of Growclass, has some great tips. In a recent webinar with Ignite Digital, Sarah shared tips to make your emails work for your business.

Center Your Customer

The first step to better email marketing is to remember that your emails are not about you; they are about your customer. You are asking for their time, and your job is to bring them value with what you share. So, use second-person narration and talk directly to your customer.

Avoid talking about yourself or your business with words like "we," "our," and "us." Instead, focus on framing the information to show how it will help your customer. For example, use "you" copy instead of "we" to create a conversation with your customer.

Create Tension

Great storytellers always include conflict in their stories, and email marketers should too. Your email is a micro-story that lands in your customer's inbox, and it needs to have a protagonist with a conflict to keep your customer engaged.

Step into your customer's shoes and figure out what they are thinking about, what their problem is, what their pain is, and what the opportunity is when they are thinking about your business or service. Then, build a story that creates tension and shows how your product or service can help them solve their problem.

Create a Story with a Template

To create a story with tension, use a template. The first piece of the template is to identify what is most painful for your customer. Then, tease out that tension by creating a feeling that puts your customer in the moment of conflict, tension, confusion, pain, or overwhelm.

Next, show them how your product or service can help them solve the problem and remove the pain for them. Finally, show them what life could be like with your product or service.

Take Action

To improve your email marketing skills, try the following:

  • Use second-person narration to create a conversation with your customer.
  • Focus on your customer, not your business.
  • Create a story with tension that shows how your product or service can help your customer solve their problem.
  • Use a template to create your story.

Sarah's tips can help you write more engaging and compelling emails that center around your customers. So try them out, and let us know how it goes! To learn more, subscribe to the Growclass community.

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